Reconnaissance mission…less than two weeks away for me…Also Membership due.

I am heading away soon to look around Kununurra and other places on the way. I hope to catch up with a few of our LOBO Oz members during my travels.

I have had a few ask about membership payments. As we are into a new financial year membership is due. Please click on the Membership & payments tab. Put your name on the transfer.

LOBO Oz 2019 Conference.

Attention all members.

While our planned 2019 conference at Kununurra is still over 12 months away, we need some feedback, please. Accommodation at Kununurra books out every year; that is why we need to get organised now.

Thank you to all who have already commented on our planned visit to the Kimberley next year.


The event would be late May, early June, depending on available accommodation. We have had many members support our visit to the Kimberley – it is a beautiful part of our country. However, we have also had feedback regarding the distance for many, and I guess it is a trip that needs to be turned into a mini holiday for most flying in.

So, is there a better option? We need numbers at our events to keep LOBO Oz ticking over. We would love to hear from all of you. Please send your thoughts and ideas ASAP.

If you don’t know a lot about the area, here is our link, The Kununurra Option.

Looking for feedback…

Post-convention (Devonport) we are looking for feedback from all attendees.

If you attended LOBO Oz Devonport, please leave your comments on this survey:

Of course, you could also make any comments directly back to us via this email address, too!
To all members, we are keen to hear your opinions on what we can do from now on… And what you think about our next convention in Kununurra.
LOBO Oz Committee