Stay in touch

It has been great to see interest building in our LOBO OZ group.

LOBO_AustraliaLogoWe are keen to be in touch with all Lancair builders and enthusiasts, so please pass details on to others you know at any stage of building or flying these magnificent machines.

Don’t forget to pass on your details to the group also, so that we can stay in touch, and plan for the needs and interests of all enthusiasts.

If you haven’t already done so:

  • Join LOBO OZ (via the JoinLOBO OZ tab) – read the Invitation to Join
  • ‘Follow’ this blog (so that you can receive immediate updates as they happen) – look for the link  to the right below (FOLLOW FOR IMMEDIATE UPDATES).
  • Make a comment on any of the posts as they spark your interest
  • Have a look at our Newsletters and Articles (though small in number, atm…)
  • Let us know through the Feedback tab about any questions or ideas you may have for LOBO OZ
  • Members are also welcome to email photos and details about their own projects – we would love to feature your plane /build process here.

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