Newsletter 2 – Test flying, managing threats & safety

One of the founding principles of LOBO OZ is an emphasis on safety – to enhance the joy of flying. All of those involved in setting up LOBO OZ thoroughly enjoy the experience of flight, but within the management of all those factors which the general public see as risky (and other factors of which the general public may be unaware).

It is hoped that by sharing experiences, we can all learn something from the experience of others, and contribute to the (sometimes) steep learning curve pilots may face moving into an ‘Experimental’ category aircraft – especially if it is an owner/builder project.

All in all, we have invested much time and money in making our aircraft as safe as possible. Indeed, the majority of our Lancairs make certified aircraft look obsolete in finish, avionics and performance.

Thus, we also need to take this safety-oriented thinking & apply it to our flying.

This is an excerpt from the latest newsletter, which continues an article from Gary Burns, discussing the test flying of his Lancair IV, and threat and error management. Available here.

Contributions to future newletters/ articles or blog posts are welcome from members. Send to contributions – we would love to feature members’ projects and photos of finished aircraft. So please get in touch!

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