Flight test – in ‘Australian Flying’

What a great honour! VH-ZYA has been featured in the latest issue of Australian Flying – including a great cover shot and detailed article by John Absolon.

The Lancair Legacy has a reputation for rocket-like performance and is highly regarded as the prince of amateur-built aeroplanes. We put the Legacy and its reputation to the test. Australian Flying, July/August 2014


John, who works as a freelance photojournalist, spent a considerable amount of time with Gary Weeks while researching for the article ‘An Enduring Legacy’. This included time both in, and alongside the Legacy, as he collected facts and images for this article; and then extensive followup discussions to check for accurate details.

When you get your hands on the magazine, I am sure you will agree that John has captured some great images, as well as providing a good insight to how well this Legacy performs. For more of John’s aviation-related images, visit ‘Got That Shot’. (There are other action-related images John also captures.) For links to ‘Australian Flying‘ magazine, including flight tests and other great articles, visit here.

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