Operational Safety, Training & Accident Review

The Lancair is a delightful high-performance homebuilt aircraft in all its variances. It has the design that makes it look like a fighter and the performance that can make pilots feel like they are flying one. Ask anyone who flies a Lancair and they will tell you what a wonderful aircraft they are; but as delightful as they are, they are serious aircraft, and definitely not toys.

From: Lancair Aircraft – Operational Safety and Training & Accident Review (Australia/USA/UK/Canada) by Dominic Crain and Jon Johanson

Dominic, one of our long term Australian Lancair 320 owners and LOBO Oz member, compiled this paper with Jon about 7 years ago. Since then, it has been updated for recency, and so that it reflects an undeniable safety message to our fellow Lancair operators.

LOBO OZ thanks Dominic for his contribution. We hope this will also demonstrate the depth of experience that the LOBO Oz group have, along with the desire to create a safer more responsive Lancair community, and encourage other members to share their thoughts or questions.

Dominic’s article includes comments on basic airmanship and planned safety aspects, and offers pre take-off and landing briefs which operators could easily adapt for their own use.  It should at least encourage many to review their personal operations:

In order to produce a reasonable set of parameters upon which to base recommended operational training and safe procedures for owners and Lancair pilots, each owner should be prepared to offer a set of opinions based on their own experience in their own aircraft.   (p. 7)

The National Transportation Safety BoardAppended to the article is an extensive summary of Lancair accidents worldwide (from 1989), including details from Australia, USA, UK and Canada, which should provide more food for thought.

Currently, there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes with LOBO Oz working away with SAAA and CASA. This is so that we can introduce some official transition training and AFR flying, in an effort to educate pilots and make our Lancair operations safer.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the wonderful Lancair fleet. They do, however, demand utmost respect and will not put up with complacency or cowboys. That is the loud and clear message throughout this very well written article.

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