Touring – Lancair 360 – VH-TMR

When you have the means, you can cover a lot of ground. Jo Pocklington and Tony Tabart with a Lancair 360 certainly have, and recently offered to share their “Warm-Up Tour of 2013″…

We set off end May 2013 for 10 days to escape the cold of Western Vic, first night with friends near Tocumwal. Warmer there but more drought-affected than our area.



As you can see, Jo and Tony were able to cover a lot of ground, and if you read their ‘diary’ you will discover a lot of interesting places in our vast country that you could plan to visit yourself – Birdsville, Gove, the wetlands surrounding the Mary River, of course, Jabiru and more…

But don’t take my word for it, read all about their trip in ‘Diary of our Warm-up Tour’. Many thanks, Jo and Tony!!

At Wildman Wilderness Lodge, NT in 2013

Wildman Wilderness Lodge, NT in 2013

We would love to hear of the travels and experiences of other members. It’s a great opportunity to share information about all the wonderful places we have to visit here in Australia, as well as tips and suggestions about things that worked for you. Just send along a short article about it all, with photos included if possible. Safe travels!

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