More touring – Australian circumnavigation

With increasing input from our members, this post includes a video and some of the detail of a tour undertaken by another Lancair (320) owner, Dominic Crain. Dominic explains his purpose and the outcome for his solo circumnavigation of continental Australia undertaken in May-June 2010:

Dominic Crain

Dominic Crain with his Lancair 320 – VH-CZJ

In May 2009, I flew my Lancair 320 VH-CZJ around Australia in an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of the Continent. Although the trip was planned coastal, I didn’t follow the deeper gulfs and bays of the coastline, and at its completion, there remained a lack of total satisfaction with the flight.

Late in 2009, I initiated a plan to fly a second solo coastal circumnavigation of continental Australia, again anti-clockwise.

Dominic’s persistence is evident as he performed the third circumnavigation having discovered that the previous 2 did not meet the requirements to be recognised as ‘true reflections of a continental circumnavigation of Australia’.

For this third trip, the statistics from the Garmin track plot and data include:

  • Flight time 52 hours 6 minutes;
  • Total distance 9806.6 nautical miles ( 18,161.823 Kms);
  • Average TAS 195 Kts;
  • Average GS 188.23 Kts;
  • Fuel used 1895 litres.

Here is a link to his journal – many thanks, Dominic. He also has a video version of the trip, so if you have some time to spare, enjoy the trip around our wonderful land.(How many locations do you recognise?) N.B. the video will not play on mobile devices.


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