Congratulations! 30 years!

LOBO US is celebrating this weekend – the Lancair 30th Anniversary Fly-In at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon – August 29-31, 2014!

As stated on AeroNews Network:

LandingLogo2014_webThe 2014 Lancair Anniversary Fly-In will highlight a tradition of support, cooperation and enthusiasm between the people who enjoy Lancairs and the people who create, supply, and support the aircraft.

Owners and builders will have the chance to show off their Lancair aircraft while appreciating the workmanship of fellow builders. Finally, for those who just love to yak about airplanes, there will be “hangar talk” ‘til your voice gives out.

While it’s a long way from Oz, we hope there will be some feedback about the event from hardy and dedicated souls who may venture there (we have heard whispers). Of course, we will keep an eye out for any news or videos which comes our way directly from Redmond, Oregon.

We would love to hear from anyone attending the event who would like to share the finer points and inspirations taken from the fly-in. And we wish the convenors at Redmond a spectacular weekend with blue skies and fine flying.


One thought on “Congratulations! 30 years!

  1. Hi all would love to be there but that wasn’t to be Congratulations on 30 years say hi and thanks to Lance for starting all this just proves everything starts with an idea enjoy!!!

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