“A New Way to Talk”

After a brief ‘leave of absence’* on this site, we thought it was time to generate a bit of interest again. So after pondering what to begin with, it was decided to talk about “A new way to talk”.

The LancairTalk.net forum.

lancairThis communication tool is the result of a collaborative effort of all those interested in promoting knowledge and shared information about all things Lancair. Essentially, LancairTalk operates like a bulletin or discussion board where you can read or contribute to discussions on all things Lancair – an upgraded site for LML (the old Lancair Mailing List which started in 1998).

The purpose of the new LancairTalk forum is simple: to facilitate communication among members of the Lancair community. Forum users can get quick answers, helpful hints and engage in discussions on matters that are relevant to the community. (According to LOBO US, which endorses it.)

Once you register on the site, you can access and comment on the posts and questions put forward by a range of Lancair owners, builders and enthusiasts worldwide.

What is LancairTalk?

“It’s a collection of anything you want to know about any Lancair model you want to know about – an advanced model of the Lancair Mailing List.”

Basically, an essential for anyone wanting to make use of the collective knowledge and experience of Lancair builders, owners and operators worldwide. We hope you plan to sign up/ register soon!

 * Due to a family wedding and a well-deserved holiday…

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