ARE YOU COMING? Port Macquarie Fly-In, April 24-26

Planning has begun for the inaugural LOBO OZ  Fly-In in Port Macquarie, April 24-26 this year.

What we want to do is start with a fairly informal weekend, gathering as many Australian Lancair owners as we can muster. The aim is to establish links around the countryside, and to be able to connect faces-to-names.

CaptureAs a first gathering, we expect things to be loosely structured, with the focus mainly on getting to know one another, as we share information about our different aircraft and build-projects.

Some of our ideas so far include:

  • Go for a fly in another Lancair type (and reciprocate by taking someone in yours?)
  • Show-n-tell (since we all love to show off what we love about our own aircraft)
  • Hints and tips on ‘best practice’
  • Discussion of critical things to know (or what you want to know) about your high performance aircraft – especially highlighting what the experts are learning from related incidents/accidents

As you can see, there is nothing set in cement at this stage, so members are welcome to suggest ideas, come along, ask questions or promote discussion on anything that they think the group could value.

At this stage, we need you to let us know as soon as possible if you are interested and available to turn up.  If there are particular issues you would like to discuss among others, please let us know, when you decide to come along!

Please indicate your interest by submitting the form below as soon as possible. Confirmation of the weekend and more details will follow!


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