Trans Tasman Record attempt


Lancair IV VH-YFM is heading across the Ditch

LOBO Oz President elect Fred Moreno, along with Gary Burns, will set off early in the morning heading across the Tasman to Christchurch. The plan is to depart Camden, overflying Canberra and then Sydney, before setting course across the Tasman to Christchurch New Zealand.

You will be able to keep an eye on their progress by clicking on this link:


The record attempt which has been registered with the FAI will be from both Canberra and Sydney to Christchurch in the piston powered aeroplane class C-1c.

Back in 1998, Gary Burns flew his then, Lancair IV VH-LKG around the world, and is the holder of many records in this very class.

2 thoughts on “Trans Tasman Record attempt

  1. Hi Gary and Linda,

    What a lovely email to discover in Fred’s email box! I’m grinning ear to ear. Thank you not only for your hospitality, but for helping to sort out all the tricky paperwork for the flight with Gary Burns. Fred told me about it when he called and was amazed at all the effort and knowledge that goes into it. We are very grateful.

    Hoping to meet you in person some day soon. I will sort out an American Thanksgiving dinner for you no matter what the date. Great if Gary and Kaye were with us, too.

    Hugs from the southwest where I will be watching the tracker along with friends around the world. xx Tunie

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