What we did – Port Macquarie 2015

Feedback from our inaugural LOBO OZ weekend has been extremely positive, and we hope that all those who attended benefited from it.


Members who were able to ‘fly-in’

Despite a number of committed members being unable to attend, we are really encouraged by those who came along, to contribute and to share their experiences with one another. (Unfortunately, previous inclement weather and associated challenges prevented some fly-ins.) Firstly, thanks to Rod Hall for sharing his magnificent facility in Port Macquarie – be sure to visit when you are there; it will be a hard act to follow for our next fly-in. (See the map on previous post for its location) Secondly, it was also great to have variety in our ‘formal’ presentations and topics, which covered:

  • the President’s Address (though ‘President’ Fred was unfortunately unable to attend)
  • Target EGT PPS from APS for the normally aspirated guys.
  • Lean of Peak operations, specifically IO-550 and TSIO-550.
  • Importance of having fuel system correctly set-up as per SID 97-3C.
  • Accurate ignition timing and relationship to CHTs.
  • Explosive decompression, hypoxia etc. (thanks, Andrew)
  • Brief introduction to the risk radar.
  • Trans Tasman record flight (thanks, Gary Burns and Fred Moreno)
  • Accident prevention and ATSB stats.

In the mix was insurance broker, Chris Stainer, from Aviation Insurance Australia, who chatted informally with members, shared his passion for aviation and made information available for those considering insurance of their precious machines. WP_20150425_14_56_10_Pro

Thirdly, there was a little bit of time for show-and-tell, to go flying and see how different models performed and to consult each other about ways to tweak and modify for best performance.

So, apart from the planned presentations, it was fabulous as members shared their personal experiences and knowledge, and asked questions from other owners. Putting faces to names was another immeasurable outcome of the weekend, which may help when planning when and where future gatherings might happen.


Sunset cruise at the end of a busy day…

N.B. Some presentations will be made available to members. Contact us with any queries.

2 thoughts on “What we did – Port Macquarie 2015

  1. Fantastic weekend and great opportunity to learn more about this beautiful brand of flying machines…thanks to Gary for your leadership and expertise, and all those generous to share their wealth of experience

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