Program for Mudgee

Friday 19th February.

Today is arrival day for many, arrive any time you like. We have LOBO Oz members arriving from WA, TAS, QLD, SA and of course, NSW. Not to forget N6ZQ all the way from Virginia USA.

There are no formal arrangements today and it’s more about settling in, and having a look around Mudgee. I am sure we will find somewhere to grab a quiet one in town, somewhere different to where dinner is being held on Saturday evening.

Saturday 20th February. (Please note this program is very flexible and may change)

0830: Gather at the Hangar House Mudgee airport for a 0900 start.

0900: President’s welcome and opening address.

0920: Brief look at engine management and setup (SID 97-3) including target EGT for the normally aspirated guys and LOP ops for all piston drivers.

0950: Wing cuffs.

1020: Coffee break morning tea.

1050: Bill Harrelson’s presentation.

1140: Why does the wind blow in Kansas only during the day?

1200: Lancair specific maintenance items: an open discussion.

1230: Lunch time.

1320: Accident prevention ATSB/NTSB statistics. A brief look at TEM and HF associated with recent accidents.

1340: Lancair Legacy Canopy presentation.

1400: Dr Andrew Spall.

1440: Lancair mods. What have you changed from standard to make your Lancair, better, safer or faster? (General Discussion)

1510: Wrap up… what do you all want next year?

Go flying, talk some more or just chill.

1830 meet at the Oriental Hotel (6 Lewis Street Mudgee) for dinner around 1900. We have the upstairs lounge with its own private bar booked for our LOBO Oz group.

Sunday 21st Again nothing planned – just a day for departures for most of us who need to work again on the Monday.

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