Did you know? Service Bulletins

At our Mudgee LOBO Oz Fly-in, one of our attendees drew attention to a couple of Lancair Service Bulletins, and noted that my Legacy had not been modified in accordance with SB023.

Capture 23

I am not certain how I missed it, and given that this SB was dated 1994, I expected it would have been incorporated into the build book.

Please note that this SB023 is applicable to all Lancair models.



The forward rivets have now been replaced with pan head screws and nuts as noted in SB023.

Capture 66

This SB066 is for all of the Lancair IV/ES/and IVPT to ensure the rear access panel on the left side of the rear fuselage is not attached with latches or hinges. The panel is a structural part of the airframe and must be attached using a minimum of -6 screws. Note that new build IVs are now using -8 screws, but there is no requirement to replace existing -6 screws, as used on most of the Lancair IV/ES and IVPT’s that have been flying for some time.

Small things like this is what LOBO Oz is all about.

Learning as a group, we have an amazing pool of expertise and knowledge when it comes to building, flying and maintaining our Lancair aircraft.

Was there something you learnt at our Mudgee fly-in that might need further discussion? Please share.

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