The End of a “Legacy”

The End of a “Legacy”…

It all began in 1984 with the revolutionary Lancair 200, an aircraft so technically advanced that it’s now part of the experimental aircraft association museum collection. The Lancair 200 revolutionized the flying experience, offering pilots more performance, more freedom, increased satisfaction, and a better value than any other piston-engine general aviation craft in existence.


While the Lancair 320/360 aircraft introduced in 1988 was so beautiful and unprecedented in design that it once hung on display in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the team at Lancair felt they could do even better.  So in 1999 the Lancair team continued to push the design envelope to develop the Legacy 2000, also known as the Lancair Legacy. This roomier, faster, and even more beautiful aircraft has proven to be one of the crown jewels of the Lancair fleet with close to 300 variants delivered over the past 15 years.


Legacy owners are some of the most enthusiastic of any aircraft owners. If you have ever had the chance to fly a Legacy you know that you have experienced something special. The incredible view through the one piece canopy, the light and balanced flight controls, and the ego rush of watching every set of eyes gaze at you as you taxi by on the ramp, will leave a memory that few pilots will forget.


Today we are sad to announce the completion of the last production Legacy kit. It is quite fitting that the last retractable Lancair Legacy kit will be one of the most iconic variants.  All carbon fiber, this variant properly named the “Reno Race Version”. Inspired by the many customers that were not satisfied just ripping around at 240 knots, this version is lighter and stronger to give a heightened level of confidence to be able to compete in the fastest motor sport on earth, the Reno Air Races.


Closing down production of the Legacy line was a tough but necessary decision. We have come to a point where a significant investment will be necessary to continue the production and after 15 years we feel it is time for something new. Lancair has always been the leader in performance and that is not going to change anytime soon. This decision has ignited a fire of enthusiasm and excitement around Lancair. What is next? While we are not ready to even suggest what we are thinking, you can be sure that it will not disappoint those who have come to expect innovation, performance, and beautiful designs.
Like other Lancair models that are not in production, Lancair will continue to offer both technical support and parts for all the Legacy models.
If you have been saving your shillings to purchase a Legacy kit and this news comes as a total disappointment, fear not, we still have 3 Legacy kits left.  Two are the most popular carbon/glass versions, and the very last one will be the all carbon Reno Race variant.  

If you are interested in one of the last Legacy kits or have additional questions concerning this notice please email me HERE.


Legacy Stats

Retractable Gear: 240 kits
Fixed Gear: 33 kits
Carbon Reno Race: 6 kits

Synergy Military Trainers: 26 kits

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