See you all next weekend.

The McCraken Country Club has now pretty much locked in our catering requirements, we will be well fed and I look forward to a wonderful weekend. If you are planning to attend and have not yet registered please let me know ASAP.

We have organised some good weather, even though Goolwa is starting to get cooler you can see our arrival day is advertised as being “Mostly sunny and pleasant”.

One thought on “See you all next weekend.

  1. Wishing you a GREAT fly-in and weekend!
    Send pix and words if you can for the (US) LOBO eNewsletter!


    Robert R Pastusek
    2342 S Queen St
    Arlington, VA 22202-1549
    703-271-8008 home
    757-286-4802 cell

    After 15 May, 2017:
    2521 Lubbock Ave
    Fort Worth, TX 76109
    (cell phone and email should remain the same)

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