Newsletter – Issue 1 2014!!

LOBO_AustraliaLogoOur first newsletter is complete and a mail-out has been sent to known Lancair owners. It is a ‘Welcome’ newsletter – an introduction to LOBO OZ. It also encourages you to connect with LOBO (US).

Within it is the first of many articles and ideas which we aim to include in the newsletter (and this blog) – in an effort to educate, communicate and connect. Gary Burns leads off, discussing his early investigations to have his Lancair IV certified in Australia, as well as a call to consider safety as a number 1 priority.

If you didn’t receive the newsletter, you can find it here (or click on the Newsletters tab). The tags below indicate some of the items discussed in Issue 1.

Don’t forget to to register your interest at LOBO OZ as a member to gain the latest information on its goals and activities. Of course, once again, for the serious Lancair owner/ builder/ enthusiast, we highly recommend membership of both LOBO OZ and LOBO (US).

Hope to make contact soon!!

Lancair Owners and Builders Organisation – membership


Details about LOBO USA membership

LOBO OZ has been formed as part of the parent company for the very reasons which LOBO USA promotes:

“The Lancair Owners and Builders Organization (LOBO) promotes the safe use of Lancair Aircraft through education, training and fostering communication between members. LOBO safeguards and furthers its members’ interests with regulatory agencies, the general aviation community and the public at large.”

– Welcome page/ Lancair Owners and Builders Organization,

This is why we encourage you to actually join LOBO USA. By joining the parent company, Australian enthusiasts will be able to access a wealth of knowledge, training and resources otherwise unavailable to most of us, and to reciprocate by sharing our own experiences here downunder!

Membership is inexpensive, but provides access to valuable resources, contacts and networking opportunities, both here and overseas.

For membership, see: