Looking for feedback…

Post-convention (Devonport) we are looking for feedback from all attendees.

If you attended LOBO Oz Devonport, please leave your comments on this survey:

Of course, you could also make any comments directly back to us via this email address, too!
To all members, we are keen to hear your opinions on what we can do from now on… And what you think about our next convention in Kununurra.
LOBO Oz Committee

See you all next weekend.

The McCraken Country Club has now pretty much locked in our catering requirements, we will be well fed and I look forward to a wonderful weekend. If you are planning to attend and have not yet registered please let me know ASAP.

We have organised some good weather, even though Goolwa is starting to get cooler you can see our arrival day is advertised as being “Mostly sunny and pleasant”.

Thanks for attending

A wide angle shot of the Hangar House.

Thank you to all who came to Mudgee for our LOBO Oz Fly-in.

One of our members heading to Mudgee.

One of our members, heading to Mudgee.

For the record, we had a total of 16 Lancairs and 4 other aircraft types fly into Mudgee for the weekend:

3 Walter powered Lancair IVPT’s

2 twin turbocharged Lancair IVP’s

3 twin turbocharged Lancair IV’s

3 normally aspirated Lancair IV’s

1 Lancair Super ES 1 Lancair Super Legacy RG

2 Lancair Legacy RG’s 1 Lancair 360.

That is a great effort.

75% of the IVPT’s; a total of 11 of the various models of the popular Lancair 1V, 100% of the Super Legacy fleet and 50% of the Legacy RG fleet in Australia.

[If I could fly two aircraft at once, we could have improved the Legacy RG numbers up to 75%.]

An early morning look out of the Hangar. A beautiful view.

An early morming look out of the Hangar. A beautiful view.

N6ZQ on display in the Hangar House.

N6ZQ on display in the Hangar House.

Thankyou to all of you who made your way to Mudgee for our LOBO Oz fly-in.

Part of Bill Harrelson’s ‘World Flight’ presentation

Mudgee 032

It’s all happening…

In the Hangar

In the hangar.

See You All Soon!

Aerial shot

I have been rubbing the crystal ball, and will now make a bold statement… “We have some beautiful weather forecast for Mudgee next weekend.”


We have people flying in from all over Australia. We wish you all a safe and comfortable flight, (oh, and tailwinds, lol).


After some pretty average weather, it is nice to see a somewhat more stable pattern ahead for the rest of the week. See you at Mudgee.