See you all next weekend.

The McCraken Country Club has now pretty much locked in our catering requirements, we will be well fed and I look forward to a wonderful weekend. If you are planning to attend and have not yet registered please let me know ASAP.

We have organised some good weather, even though Goolwa is starting to get cooler you can see our arrival day is advertised as being “Mostly sunny and pleasant”.

Transition Training. Member feedback.

Below is a letter from one of our LOBO Oz members.

The Super Legacy.

The Super Legacy.


Lancair Super Legacy Training in Tasmania

Have just spent three days exploring the capabilities of the Lancair Super Legacy RG with Gary Weeks and two mates in Devonport.

VH-LNZ is a twin turbo charged Reno Racer version of the Legacy, owned by Terry Travers who imported it from California. We recently joined LOBO Oz and met Gary and his immaculate Legacy at the Mudgee fly-in.

I had only just started flying the Legacy and gained a huge amount of knowledge from the presentations at the fly-in and invaluable advice from Gary Weeks, Gary Burns and many of the other members. They were also extremely supportive and generous with their time in assisting us to prepare for our trip to Warbirds over Wanaka in LNZ.

During all of this communication, we started talking with Gary about the possibility of doing some “transition training” in the Legacy. I had not done any real training other than flying with Terry who had done some training in California before the plane was shipped here.

I had been flying the Legacy very conservatively and well within its limits and my own personal minima’s. So after several weeks of strong westerlies and rain in Tassie, the weather cleared for three beautiful days of clear calm weather for putting the Legacy through its paces.

It is an awesome machine, and Gary opened our eyes to what it is capable of, how it behaves in different scenarios and how to make sure that we stay safe. We are not intending to go anywhere near the limits, but it is important to know where they are, how to recognise them, and what happens if you approach them.

We went through slow speed handling characteristics, stall recognition and recovery, steep turns, glide approaches, emergency gear extensions, engine management, instrument approach configuration, flapless landings, cross wind considerations, go-arounds and so many other helpful tips and advice on all sorts of topics, including Legacy specific maintenance issues, ditching and off-field landings, weight and balance, weather and icing, unusual attitude recovery and performance limitations. All absolutely invaluable knowledge that could one day save your life.

So if you haven’t already done it and you want to extend your knowledge of any Lancair you fly, get in touch with Gary or one of the other committee members and organise some training, or just get actively involved in the group, attend the fly-ins and benefit from the vast amount of experience and knowledge that exists within LOBO.

As a bonus, you will meet some fantastic people that enjoy sharing a common passion.

Thanks Gary for a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely valuable few days sharing your knowledge with us. We are very fortunate to have someone with your passion and expertise in the Lancair community.

Leigh Bryan.

LNZ and ZYA on a crisp Tassie morning in Devonport

LNZ and ZYA on a crisp Tassie morning in Devonport


Gary Weeks and the Students – Ian Emmett, Leigh Bryan and Terry Travers

Gary Weeks and the Students – Ian Emmett, Leigh Bryan and Terry Travers



LOBO Oz Port Macquarie Fly-in program

See you all very soon.

See you all very soon.

LOBO Oz Port Macquarie Fly-in April 24th-26th 2015


Friday 24th Arrivals at any time that suits.

1700: We are planning a quiet get-together/meet-an-greet at the hangar, and will either have a simple sausage sizzle or perhaps order in some pizza; yet to be decided. Please BYOG.

Saturday 25th

0830-0845: Gather at the hangar. (highlighted area)

Hangar Location.

Hangar Location.0900. The President’s address

0930. Risk Radar introduction or other topics (to 10.30).

  1. Rod and the L39 depart for the Anzac Day flypast at Wauchope.

Coffee break.

  1. The L39 returns.

1130. Maybe an hour session on Wing Cuffs and then Insurance, a representative from Aviation Insurance Brokers of Australia will be in attendance.

  1. Lunch today is a sausage sizzle / steak sandwich simple tucker. The tong master will be in action.

1315. Program (subject to change), discussion items may include:

  • LOP operations
  • Wing Cuffs
  • Explosive decompression
  • Trans Tasman
  • Accident prevention and ATSB statistics
  • Lancair specific maintenance items. Are you getting good maintenance, is your maintainer up to speed with Lancair specific items?
  • Insurance.

1530/1600 Show and tell

1715 to 1915. Twilight River cruise. $17.00 per head, there is a bar on board the vessel so just turn up.

  1. Dinner, $50.00 per head (3 course dinner with several options) plus drinks.

Port Macquarie Fly-In is shaping up…..Get on board now.


Our Port Macquarie Fly-In is shaping up to be a wonderful weekend, with many of our loyal LOBO Oz group keen to attend.

We will have an amazing collection of wonderful Lancair models in attendance.

So far, we have the following aircraft coming:

  • 2 Lancair IVPT’s
  • 1 Lancair IVP
  • 3 Lancair IV twin turbo charged.
  • 2 Lancair IV normally aspirated
  • 1 Lancair Super ES
  • 1 Lancair Columbia 300
  • 1 Lancair 360
  • 1 Lancair 320 – not yet confirmed
  • 3 Lancair Legacy RG’s


The venue is ready to go with activities still being planned.

Friday evening is meet and greet with a snack and drink at the hangar. [Details to be finalised regarding a simple BBQ sausage sizzle, or order in pizza.]

Saturday morning will involve a President’s introduction, flying with others, and some LOBO Oz discussion on several subjects – detailed program to follow.

DSCN4809 IMG_0630

Stay in touch

It has been great to see interest building in our LOBO OZ group.

LOBO_AustraliaLogoWe are keen to be in touch with all Lancair builders and enthusiasts, so please pass details on to others you know at any stage of building or flying these magnificent machines.

Don’t forget to pass on your details to the group also, so that we can stay in touch, and plan for the needs and interests of all enthusiasts.

If you haven’t already done so:

  • Join LOBO OZ (via the JoinLOBO OZ tab) – read the Invitation to Join
  • ‘Follow’ this blog (so that you can receive immediate updates as they happen) – look for the link  to the right below (FOLLOW FOR IMMEDIATE UPDATES).
  • Make a comment on any of the posts as they spark your interest
  • Have a look at our Newsletters and Articles (though small in number, atm…)
  • Let us know through the Feedback tab about any questions or ideas you may have for LOBO OZ
  • Members are also welcome to email photos and details about their own projects – we would love to feature your plane /build process here.

LOBO OZ membership is growing!

Even though there has been a break for many over the Easter holidays, it has been great to see a strong response to our newsletter mail-out. WELCOME to those who have joined LOBO OZ by logging their details, and thanks to those who have given such positive support in their comments.

For those who haven’t already joined, send your details along by filling in the form on the JOIN LOBO OZ tab as a member.

Then, after you have done this, please also consider joining the parent body, LOBO (US) for the latest and greatest information and support from an international body. (Several wise members have already done this too.)

Members are also welcome to send along questions, comments or ideas about what LOBO OZ should be striving to achieve. See the Feedback page.