LOBO OZ membership is growing!

Even though there has been a break for many over the Easter holidays, it has been great to see a strong response to our newsletter mail-out. WELCOME to those who have joined LOBO OZ by logging their details, and thanks to those who have given such positive support in their comments.

For those who haven’t already joined, send your details along by filling in the form on the JOIN LOBO OZ tab as a member.

Then, after you have done this, please also consider joining the parent body, LOBO (US) for the latest and greatest information and support from an international body. (Several wise members have already done this too.)

Members are also welcome to send along questions, comments or ideas about what LOBO OZ should be striving to achieve. See the Feedback page.



Newsletter – Issue 1 2014!!

LOBO_AustraliaLogoOur first newsletter is complete and a mail-out has been sent to known Lancair owners. It is a ‘Welcome’ newsletter – an introduction to LOBO OZ. It also encourages you to connect with LOBO (US).

Within it is the first of many articles and ideas which we aim to include in the newsletter (and this blog) – in an effort to educate, communicate and connect. Gary Burns leads off, discussing his early investigations to have his Lancair IV certified in Australia, as well as a call to consider safety as a number 1 priority.

If you didn’t receive the newsletter, you can find it here (or click on the Newsletters tab). The tags below indicate some of the items discussed in Issue 1.

Don’t forget to to register your interest at LOBO OZ as a member to gain the latest information on its goals and activities. Of course, once again, for the serious Lancair owner/ builder/ enthusiast, we highly recommend membership of both LOBO OZ and LOBO (US).

Hope to make contact soon!!

Promoting safety – our priority

LOBO_AustraliaLogoThere’s simply no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety. 

– Chesley Sullenberger (saved lives by landing a plane in the Hudson River in New York in 2009).

Our aim, in setting up this site, is to increase your awareness, to enhance your flying experience to the utmost. We look forward to the positive experiences you can share with others.

Click on the link for details: Invitation to join LOBO OZ

LOBO Downunder

Here is an excerpt from the LOBO USA website:

Fred along with other Lancair owners have asked if they could form an Australian affiliate or chapter of LOBO. Given their common objectives in maintaining technical knowledge about these aircraft and in working with the CASA (Australian FAA) on safety, licensing and airworthiness certification, this seems like a no-brainer.

It seems we will soon be a recognised chapter of LOBO! and hopefully also registering on a world map!

And of course, joining LOBO US is amazing value to all of us ‘downunder’! Join now!!